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In order to repay the support of our users, we have launched ‘free backorder for high-quality domain names, that is, no deposit backorder, welcome users to participate in free backorder’.

Basic Introduction:

1. 4name's daily program automatically filters some high-quality pendingdelete domain names, and provides free backorder’.

2. Steps for filtering free backorder domain names are as follows:

a. Log in to 4name website and click [Dropcatch] in the navigation bar to enter the [Expired Domain Query] page.

b. Click [free backorder], system will automatically filter the domain name list of free backorder’ for you. As shown below:

3. How to check whether a domain name supports ‘free backorder’?

a. Click [Control Panel]-[Dropcatch] to enter the [Add Domain Backorder] page.

b. In search box, enter the domain name you want to query, and click on the blank area of the page, and domain name details will appear. If it supports free backorder, the following figure will shown:

If you have any other questions, please contact online customer service for consultation.

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